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Wheel Alignment in College Station, TX

When your wheels are in alignment, you'll generally notice no problems with the steering wheel or front-end of the vehicle. You drive smooth and straight. However, when your wheels are out of alignment, it means the tires aren't pointing in the right direction - which can negatively affect your car in multiple ways.

One of the main indicators that your wheels are out of alignment is your steering wheel - it may pull in different directions as you drive. You may also hear a creak or groan when turning. In addition, your tires may wear down quickly.

Wheel alignment is normally thrown off by:
  • Hitting the curb one too many times
  • Riding over pot holes
  • Bumping into solid walls / concrete parking stalls
  • Natural wear and tear
Car Alignment College Station, TX
Wheel alignment can't always be detected by the human eye. You may notice signs that your wheel alignment is off, but to know, you need to bring your car into a reliable auto repair shop. We suggest having your alignment inspected every time you get an oil change. If you're looking for wheel alignment near you in College Station, stop into Sevcik's Service Center today!

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